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HR Diagnostics

HR Diagnostics is an association of specialists from various medical fields. We link all areas, from operational rescue applications and primary clinical care principles to engineered diagnostics, to optimize the entire rescue chain and deliver the most effective protection and care.

HR Diagnostics examines the application of engineering principles and rules in the field of medicine.  We provide cutting edge diagnostic technology to provide advanced evidence based problem solving and development with the medical expertise of doctors, nurses and emergency services to improve diagnostics, therapy, nursing, rehabilitation and protection of sick or healthy individuals.

We partner with companies for a variety of emergency response, disaster situations and primary care facilitators. 


Our Team


Dr. Richard Horowitz,

Co-founder, President


Hermann J. Binek,

Co-founder, COO

Dr. Horowitz has a longstanding background in preventive travel medicine and clinical medical system design.  He has worked extensively in hospital-based acute diagnosis and care, including critical care and is currently a practicing nephrologist.  His research background is in immunology, and pharmaceutical clinical studies.


He graduated from the University Francois Rabelais in France where he graduated with high honors.  He then served his internship and residency at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine hospital system in New York City.  He completed his nephrology fellowship at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.  He is a former Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the UCLA Center for Health Sciences, the Wadsworth Veterans Administration Medical Center, the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, and clinical consultation teaching attending physician at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  He is the recipient of the Circle of Friends of Cedars-Sinai Award and The Cedars-Sinai Distinguished Physicians Award.  He is a former nominee for the Cedars-Sinai Humanitarian Award.


Richard is the Medical Director of numerous travel, adventure and survival-based television productions. He has created successful health screening protocols, travel medicine programs and location- based diagnosis and treatment strategies for television productions as well as for the corporate sector.

Mr. Binek possesses extensive experience in security technologies, operational programs, surveillance, disaster management and law enforcement.


He graduated from the technical college in Germany and earned his master’s in business administration from the Central State University (CSU).

He served his community in the hospital of his hometown where he trained to be a paramedic. He then volunteered with the Mountain Ranger battalion of the German Army and followed that with protection training with the police in Germany, in their Department of Personal Protection. He has also worked for German government intelligence services.


Mr. Binek has worked in more than 80 countries around the world. Throughout his professional career, he has successfully prevented three government-level assassination attempts, spearheaded the creation and implementation of new security standards for CBS shows and its international iterations, and has been an invaluable asset for numerous global celebrities. Mr. Binek has created a framework of safety and security protocols used internationally by many productions.

Team Member Image

Nora Lee Smith,

Board of Director


Dr. Col. ret. Raymond Striler Chairman

Nora Lee Smith, is originally from Massachusetts where she attended Brandeis University for her undergraduate degrees in Health: Science, Society, and Policy, as well as Sculpture. In her junior year at Brandeis, she spent a semester abroad in Kenya studying emergency medicine in the bush.


Nora later attended Columbia University’s accelerated nursing program and continued on to get her master’s degree in their Nurse-Midwifery program. She received her nursing degree from Burbank Hospital School of Nursing in Fitchburg, MA.


Nora explains, “I love supporting women and empowering them through all walks of life and I see myself as a partner in their OB and GYN healthcare. I especially enjoy building relationships and working with young women to help them as they establish their healthcare goals and needs.” She is conversant in German and American Sign Language.

Dr. Colonel ret. Raymond J. Striler, served in the Special Forces in Germany, England, Vietnam and Cambodia.


While in the service, Colonel Striler graduated from the Command and General Staff College, Airborne, Ranger, Ski, Winter Warfare, Jump Master, Special Forces and Scuba schools.  He was the commander of the underwater recovery team in Europe.

Striler taught at the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, CA. Then upon earning his doctorate, he served as the Director of Special Academic Programs for the Institute for Professional Development, Phoenix, AZ and was promoted to VP for Government Programs.


Dr. Striler's second career was in academia. He earned his Bachelor's degree from Missouri State University, a Master's degree from Vanderbilt University, Tennessee and a second Master's degree from Rider University, New Jersey, where he was the Professor of Military Science.  He earned his doctorate in 1989 in Education Administration at United States International University, later brought under the aegis of Alliant University.

Dr. Striler founded Education 2020 Inc., a higher education consulting firm, and co-founded Apollos University. He also presently also Psychology and Leadership courses online with the University of Colorado.

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